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My story is just getting started.

..and everyday is a fresh start. 

I fell out of love with myself. I hated looking in the mirror, I focused on the negatives, I said no to opportunities, and I completely lost myself. 

Now that is changing..

Each day I work on bettering my life, and being a positive influence to those around me. I'm doing the things I once loved, and for the right reasons. I'm choosing to look at the good around me, and focus on what I can change. I wake up feeling excited to tackle the day!

My journey is just getting started, and I hope you'll join me!

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I love my life, but areas felt lacking.

This is when The Katherine Jean was created. I dreamed of a platform for like minded individuals to have a safe space to share, a community, and friendship. I knew this was something I was looking for, and I knew others could be too! So while I share about my life, I hope you'll find some inspiration. I hope you'll never feel alone, I hope you'll share and celebrate your success, and I hope you make the changes to live your best life! One day at a time.

because we can.

Things about me


Number of provinces I have lived in


Number of times each week I aim workout


Number of pillows currently on my bed

More about me.

I left behind my photography business.

Photography is my passion. I love capturing moments, and memories, and turning them into keepsakes. After years of running my photography business, I decided to take a step back. Now, I'm back to capturing the photos of what I truly love - my friends and family, my home, my furbabies, adventures, and daily life. And best of all, I share them all here for you guys to see!


love these



Do you think we can be friends?

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